M&M Clone war Lightsaber

Remembering I wanted a Ultimate FX Lightsaber for Christmas? Well instead of someone getting one for me or I getting it myself, I got another lightsaber for my son.

This is from the Clone war series and the handle is cover with M&M drawings

If you are wondering, the M&M are hidden inside the compartment here below the handle.

To activate the lightsaber, press the button on the handle.

Here is the size of the candy lightsaber and it comes with Red and blue. No green.

* I am a Jedi, like my father before me :)
I chose the blue one that represent the Jedi for my son. The lightsaber was light by a blue LED. It's pretty bright if you asked me but the size is like a Neo stick for concert. Then again this is for kids so the size is just right.

The logo of Star wars were printed on the blade which look really cool.

So far my son is playing with it but he did not know there are candy inside. I wouldn't want him to know as too much sweet is not good for him. LOL

I will eat that myself when he is not around. Hopefully it won't melt as it should melt in your mouth not in your hands. LOL


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