Haruhi Suzumiya Fraulein Revoltech

During the writing of my third anniversary post, I look through the first few post on the topic I was covering when I started the blog. On my second post, I talked about the coming Haruhi Fraulein Revoltech.  After reading that, I was reminded that I have not give a proper review on Revoltech Haruhi. So here it is.

Before Figma came into the picture, Revoltech announced the first release of an articulated joints of Haruhi. She was the first line of production.

Revoltech was generous to provide many pairs of hands and total of 3 facial expressions.

Truth being said, this Haruhi took a very long time to balance her to stand by itself. The figure do come with a stand but I prefer to have her standing on her own. One of the pull factor for this figure was Haruhi in sexy bunny suit which suppose to draw in the attention and crowd to join in her club.

* Hey you! Are you interested to join the S.O.S club?

This Haruhi comes with a guitar and one pair of hands comes with Guitar pick. Somehow this pick remind me of Tenacious D. LOL

Look like Haruhi is going to put out some songs to rally the crowd with her guitar.

* Are you ready for this people?

Personally the Guitar look awesome with the number 7 on it. However it will be prefect if they included the strings.

I can see Haruhi is giving all she has putting up the Rock concert!

She really enjoy Jamming the Guitar! She is a hard rocker!

What is K-ON! compare to team Haruhi? She come way earlier than K-ON!

* Let have it one more song!

Singing a side, Haruhi also comes with a sign for the recruitment event.

* S.O.S want you!

Look like she has found a new member...Oh OTTi...

Since Haruhi is doing the rally, I wonder will Haruhi help me to rally voter to vote for openthetoy for the Nuffnang Best Geek award since we have less than 24 hours for the voting?

* No Problem, I sound it out for you!


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