Toy News: Suzumiya Haruhi Fraülein Revoltech figure

Starting from February 2009, Kaiyodo will be releasing a New Cultural Festival version of Suzumiya Haruhi Fraülein Revoltech figures!

Since I got a figma Haruhi in school uniform, this new Haruhi from Fraülein Revoltech in her classic bunny girl outfit with a guitar do appeal to me. With 3 sets of facial expression, 9 pair of hands, a guitar and a signboard.

I am also looking forward to Nagato Yuki in her witch costume with her magic wand and a guitar too. That would be in March 2009. New show that Nagato will be more expenisve compare to Haruhi. Could it be more accessories?

As for Asahina Mikuru in waitress outfit which will be out in April, I personally not really interested in that character even thou the price will be cheaper...

The sources photos look good but I may wait to see the actual figure out in the market to determine the quality of this line. Don't worry, I will do a review once I got the figure. If you are interested in this figure, do share with me too. :)


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