13 December 2010

STGCC 2010 Review: Games and Pop Culture

Today STGCC 2010 has ended and since I covered Toys and Comics, the rest in line would be Games and other pop culture stuff. So this post is all about that.

Now you may asked what does this girl with a Teddy bear do with games. Apparently she was in a box at the game section and will react to people who look at here especially if you are trying to take her photo. Sweet right?

Well she is modeling for www.AIKASea.com from Asiasoft which showcase many online games at the show.

I saw a 3D Wii shooting game which do not need a 3D TV as the game will come with a 3D glasses. Look fun!

Back in the good old days when electronic games was not around. The closest to video game was Kalkitos which you can arrange your comic heroes at various scenes.

After years of disappearing, this classic game is coming back at a renew version.

Look at this pop art wall, one may think this is some art painting from Tokidoki. But do you know it is for Singpost too? And for that, Tokidoki has it own stamps design.

Tokidoki designs can be found on street apparels which is so popular...

There's even Tokidoki soccer ball!

Simone Legno the inventor of Tokidoki was on Animax interview.

Artist Alley
Beside meeting Caramlaw there in person, I met OTTO, an local comic artist who have published 3 books so far.

Some of the artist including Pin-up gals.

Sculptors from Xenomorph


Comic and illustrator like Asuka111 from Thailand.

Personally, I was drawn to this artwork which is like an oil painting.

There was some paper toys from Saltnpaper.com and they look good! I was told it can be downloaded from their website. LOL

There were many artists having their own products to promote it to the customers.

And some have their own share of fans.

Lasalle Singapore was there at the event to recuit and to showcase some of their student work.

Personally, I think this sculpture capture the moment very well.

Cosplay or Costuming
In every event, I think it is hard to rule cosplay out and for STGCC it does have more cosplayer who cosplay the western comic or movie heroes.

Do you know that there is a life size working R2D2 at the 501st Legion?

End of the day, both Cosplayers and visitor enjoyed the photo section...and the photographers too. LOL

That marked the end of my STGCC 2010 reviews. How do you find this year STGCC and will you be looking forward to STGCC 2011?

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