War of Cybertron Toys Preview

In line with the coming Transformers game, War of Cybertron, Hasbro will be releasing Transformers toy design in that game.

For Autobots, there are Bumblebee retaining his classic head design but a twist to the vehicle mode which is rather sleek and futuristic in Cybertron.

Optimus Prime
on the other hand still look like him in robot mode but the vehicle design was something new breaking the usual truck design style.

For Decepticon, here's Megatron. Much of the G1 design remain in robot mode but the vehicle mode, Megatron taken the shape of a tank.

So far so good. I will be eyeing on Bumblebee and Optimus Prime when they are released.


Bubbashelby said…
Bumblebee looks good all around. Prime looks good in robot mode but kind of weird in vehicle mode. Megatron is pretty blah both ways lol!
chubbybots said…
Of the 3 designs here I am loving bumbleebee the most :D His vehicle mode looks wicked!!
chrismandesign said…
whoa !!! something brand new just blind my eyes, this is an interesting experiment & as i see the things, ppl will hate or love’em, nothing in the middle... all of them look pretty fine for me in robot mode, & the better in vehicule mode is bumbble bee... that pearled/metallic finish makes me doubt a lil’, that’s not the Hasbro style but Takara’s... something crazy is happen there...
desmond said…
Very nice design and more or least the robot face remains the same for easy recognition.
Anonymous said…
O_O;; looks weird but I like that bumblebee design
janus lu said…
The new design of Prime and Bumblebee did amaze me. I will get it if the price is fair. :)
Anonymous said…
anyway leon I never planning change my nickname I still stick with mio scarlet devil mansion is a message if Dc have power to banned me from wordpress or ppl that became danny fans mark me bad my blog will suspended and you will see me again with that name in a blog or nickname just in case something happen
LEon said…
That's why I only consider getting Bumblebee and OP. :D

Yes Bumblebee look futuristic.

I think these may have a Takara version with better paint. That's my guess only.

Yes the G1 faces is the right way to go for some iconic characters.

Everybody love Bumblebee. LOL I don't think anything will happen to you. :)

@Janus Lu
The price should be fair. That is if no scraplers spoil the market. Nevertheless I am patient.
Good thing they gave Prime a good other then the truck. Something refreshing and futuristic. At least Prime still look quite the same in robot mode.
Mafty said…
this futuristic transformer seems nice, but I prefer the ordinary ones because of the similarity with today's car right? but who knows in near future that will be our car's models? hahaha..
saruman said…
Wow! very very cool, when are they coming out?
LEon said…
Ya but robot mode of Prime look more muscular than before which is good!

I think the future car may look like these. :P

Should be 3rd or 4th quarter of this year.

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