My Baby Doraemon Bed Setup

When mcdonalds Doraemon Lucky Charm hit Singapore, I have an intention to collect these soft toys to decorate my baby son bed. So I took some picture to share with you.

It's a little bit rough as I just use string to hold them in place. We set them according to the Chinese Zodiac alignment on both end of the bed. So start with the first 6 with the Rat.

Of course this coming New Year is the year of the Tiger.

Originally it should end with Zodiac Pig but the pig will come in April due to some Singapore mcdonald failed marketing strategy. So I just put up the CuPID Doraemon for the meantime.

Now all is set and now waiting for the arrival of my baby boy. Anytime now... :)


moemoekyun said…
So your baby haven't born ^^;;
to early to congrats you now but congratulation for the baby bed looks amazing
chrismandesign said…
oohhh... look this ultra-cute bed with all those zodiac doraemons waiting for the baby that will enjoy them... thx for share this, a piece of ur life !!! =D
xuancreative said…
oh congratulations on your soon to born baby :)

btw, those doreamons are cute and I hope they are available in Malaysia as well ^_^
LEon said…
my baby had arrived already. :)

you are welcome. That what I can do with the toy. :D

@Little Plastic Man
I hope so.

I hope Malaysia can also have such toys too but even in SG mcdonalds are so sensitive...
Cass said…
Wonder if he'll be happy with it. There are so cute after all! =)

And yeah, still hoping that McD here sells it also. C'mon McD M'sia! If they do, I'll come there to eat just to get em'! XD
Shaun said…
Congrats Leon on your son's birth and may God watch over and bless your family.
LEon said…
Thank! I hope your Malaysia mcdonald will have it too.

Thank you bro for your prayers and blessing. :D
Juliana said…
Your son is so lucky to get such a comfy and beautifully decoarated cot when he arrives! Congrates to you! :D
desmond said…
Congratulations on your new born baby. Becoming father already :)
janus lu said…
Wow! That was sweet and cute! I like it! Congrats bro. :)
LEon said…
Thank you. :)

Thank you. It will be your turn soon too. :)

@Janus Lu
THanks man! :D
Congrat Leon! Your boy boy will definitely like the setting you have done for him.
LEon said…
Thank you. I hope he like it too. LOL but i fear the fate of the Doraemon toys in days to come when he can stand and drag stuff. LOL
saruman said…
Congratulations Leon! That's a very nice bed for ur baby boy, lucky him to have such a creative father like u! and i'm sure he'll be as creative as u! Congrats again bro and welcome to fatherhood!
LEon said…
Thank you. I hope your turn will come soon too. :)

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