Domo Qee Collectible Figure Review

The last toy I bought that day was a 2 inch Domo-kun (どーもくん)! Domo is a mascot of Japan's NHK television station but later grew popular even in United States. I missed him out during STGCC09 and when I saw him that day, I have to get one for myself.

Domo is breaking out of the Box!

Hi. I am Domo.

Like most figure, the original maker's logo can be found on the sore of it's feet.

Compare to the other toys I got from that day, Domo is way shorter than them but Domo has great charisma.

Look Domo-kun is doing a dance. Will the rest join in the dance?

It's working. Wage started to join in to mimic Domo. Will Ice-Bat also follow?

Apparently Ice-Bat wanted but he has no arms to follow the dance. Oh, that's too Bat. LOL

Well that's wrap up all the 5 toys I got from my visit to Play Imaginative.


Tom Freak said…
Ice Bat is definitely my favorite of the bunch.
desmond said…
Love your photos, sharp and clear!!
kluxorious said…
Domo PAWNED everyone else :D
chrismandesign said…
absolutely, i like all of them... in vengueance, i’ll publish soon my other two insane/precious DT’s =P... LEon so sorry 4 my incoherent comments... i take so serious our hobbie, but sometimes (all the time...) i like to joke as well XD...
LEon said…
@freak Studio
I know the Ice-bat have a big fan base now. LOL You can get the Ice-Bat here.

Thank you. I used a Macro lens for these shots.

Domo have that power I know. LOL

It's okay. I do that sometime too! Life can be quite stress sometime. :)
My wife like Domo a lot too. Entertaining show inserts on okto channel.
Jcee said…
Domo is so cute! I like it the most out of the 5!
chrismandesign said…
my vengeance is very close... my next post will b my second designer toy... i hope u like "him", but he’s not cute (at least not in the normal sense...) i’ll try to avoid that "he" eat ur precious and desirables pieces (kjakjakajkjakajkajjkajkaja...) in d other hand, i barely notice that there r 13 hours of difference between u & me !!!
Anonymous said…
Man sweet lol...come lets all do the domo dance :D

Domo + your crisp pics + dance = poison !! Very tempted to get him now.
Driger X said…
Great buy there. ^^

You mean this Domo Qee is available for sale in ILUMA?? I can't wait to get my hands on one!!
chrismandesign said…
finally pal, pls take a look on my new pet... =O !!!
LEon said…
I think most ladies like Domo!

You got that right!

keep it coming bro.

You should! I may get another one. :P

Yes at illum play imaginative singapore has it.
Anonymous said…
I didn't know that Domo was a mascott! i watched the video and he's really funny :lol:
the size of domo matched the ugly dolls, nice grab man :D
LEon said…
I am glad you love the youtube video. Domo has a heart of Gold.

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