Designer Toys at STGCC 2009

I felt that I have not given enough credits on the designer's toys coverage due to my limited time I had at STGCC 09 opening night. So last night when I meet up with desmond, Dennis and later Kenny. We were expecting crowd there but apparently the human traffic is still alright. Maybe it was 8pm when we reached there. I went solo for awhile to take the designers toy there.

First off I saw Jesus looking designer toy and mickey mouse with a pink gas mask?

A FAT and screaming skinny Aliens?

Three eyes or Tri-eyes?

Cow gal and ???

Snitch body design but...

I like this octopus design.

Okay less word more pics!!!

Let me look around for the Tofu!

Found it!

The designer of Tofu is giving away their autograph to queuing fans.

Look at the designs!

Something capture your attention?

If you are looking at the gals, look at what they were wearing. Transformers designer T-shirt.

What I wanted to point out is the painting on the wall is selling $10 for one square.

Once order confirm, he will cut part of it down with the design you like. How smart and cool was that? $10 for one is reasonable.

OKay that so much of designers toy I managed to snap. There are lot more designer toys which I did not have the time to cover. Go there and look for it!

If you want to catch the coverage on STGCC 2009 opening night is here.


Anonymous said…
Had to just say this... but that cow... scares me.

I love the tofu helmet that was beside the designer of Tofu. And I also love the huge wall of paintings! They should be shirt designs! ^^
LEon said…
The cow kinda scare me too! LOL
The wall painting was around 10 meters long. First day of opening, 25% of more were sold.
Jcee said…
These designer toys are really nice! I especially like the silver robot thingy. By the way, what material were the wall painting on?
LEon said…
Jcee, if I'm not wrong, the painting is printed on paper and then paste on the square canvas which they piece all together to form the wall. It's a good concept and as the price is just $10, pple don't mind it is printed as they look good on the wall. It's an art piece no less. I was tempted to get one but the thought of nailing my wall to hang it put me off. LOL
Thank you for covering the details which some of us had missed out. Especially the cutie aspects of STGCC 09
LEon said…
Thanks Dennis. "D
Unknown said…
I salute all the toys designer!! how they can come up with this idea?.. hehee
LEon said…
It is a given talent. You should try it, maybe you have that too. It just sometime we never believe or try so we do not know if we are gifted in any ways. :)

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