Vader Invasion: How many Vader do you have?

Darth Vader, an icon and the soul of Starwars. Knowing or unknowing, Darth Vader had invaded us more than we know it. With the multitudes of merchandises created through out his 20 years reign, Starwars collectors will agree on that there have one or more Darth Vader related merchandise in their collections. That make me wonder just how many Darth Vader in their collections. So I decided to find the answer and I hope fellow toy collectors who are reading this entry will join me on this quest.

If you have any Darth Vader merchandises and would like to join the game, here what you can do:

  1. Create an entry on your blog with link to this entry and share with us in writing and photos on your Vader related collections.
  2. Leave a comment on this entry with your entry link so that I can add a link to your entry.
  3. One thing to remember, the topic is Darth Vader which mean when he is in the dark suit serving the Emperor and not when he was still known as Anakin Skywalker. So anything related to Darth Vader period with Darth Vader is acceptable such as his lightsaber, Tie fighter but not the stormtroopers. :)

To start the ball rolling, here's how Darth Vader invaded my collections.

No.1 & 2: Darth Vader Mask and Vader's lightsaber candy
This is a cheap light plastic Darth Vader mask I bought about 10 year ago. Today it is sitting at a section of my cupboard along with some other toys and books. If my memory serve me well, it was on sales $5 during a clearance sales.

As for the Vader's lightsaber on the right, it was a liquid candy container. When I saw that, I bought off instantly together with another Jedi lightsaber(on the left). I don't really enjoy the liquid candy though...Who cares, I just want the saber for display.

No.3 : Concept Darth Vader R.M'quarrie Signature Series.
This is one of my favorite Darth Vader figure. It comes with 2 changeable heads and a Coin. I decided to keep this mint as I really like the card art.

No.4 : Darth Vader Revenge of the Sith
I got this vader as the cape is cloth. I didn't open this guy up as it was kept in my storage area. I dig him out to number my vaders.

No.5 : Darth Vader from Empire Strike Back.
One thing about loose vader is that you can't remember where exactly you got it from as the packaging is being thrown away donkey years ago. As far as I can recall, this came in a blue packaging from Hasbro. Around the same time when they are selling Episode 2 period. The cape felt like soft rubbery and the lightsaber blade is attachable. The hand has a magnet to kinda do the force thingy. Pretty cool Vader and that's why I got it.

No.6: Darth Vader from breakfast cereal.
I got this Vader display from a breakfast cereal during Episode 2 period too! I used to display this on former office desk but brought it home when I changed my job. So that's retirement for him. LOL

No.7: Tomy Darth Vader's lightsaber keychain.
I remember getting this series from a Capsule Machine. Had a few try and finally got this precious. You can on the light by a switch but apparently it ran out of batteries.

No.8: Kubrick Darth Vader.
I felt in love with this Darth Vader when the series of Kubrick came out couples of years back.

Why I fancy him? Simply because of this.

In conclusion, a total of 8 Vader items I had for a small time collector like me. :)

So that wrap up all my Vader Invasion. I am sure Vader taken some territories in your collection too. So join in the fun as we share our Darth Vader collections. Remember to leave your comment of your link so I can link it over at this post. ;)

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chunky B said…
holy cow, this is cool. I'm going to dig up all my Darth Vader stuff and start shooting pictures!
chunky B said…
Okay, it's going to take me a few days to shoot pics and get posts, yes I said posts, but here's my Pre-Invasion post!
Jcee said…
I only have 1 vader lol and I think that's my only SW toy too.
LEon said…
No problem Chunky. I have listed your link on the entry!
LEon said…
Jcee join in anyhow. It may be the start for you.
Unknown said…
Im not even have one of that toy.. :(
LEon said…
So is that good or bad to you? You sound like you want one. LOL
Manetoys said…
I have a mid 90s Kenner figure and a (broken) bank.
LEon said…
The mid 90s kenner figure is the big chest vader and the broken bank is the one with vader holding a lightsaber standing on a coin box? Make a post and show us. Join in the fun! :)
Juliana said…
I used to have a DV and a couple of Storm Troopers but sold them off a long time ago. Now I'm only left with 2 little kid versions of Anakin Skywalker! The child actor they used for the Phantom Menace movie was adorable :)
LEon said…
Juliana why you sold your Starwars collection away?
I bought a lego vader for my hudband and he still loves him very much.
go check out leo he is cute in lego.

Juliana said…
Hi LEon,

It was around the SW craze many years ago at the then Clarke Quay flea market. Back then I felt that I strayed from my X-Men collection so I sold them.

I got those 3.75-inch figures loose w/complete accessories. I had DV, 2 Storm Troopers, Luke, Leia and some Micro Machines SW vehicles.

Recently I nearly restarted collecting SW figures when they went on clearance sales at the dept stores, but I stopped myself :P
Kenny said…
Man, I have a ton of Vaders. Too bad I'm in the midst of moving places now and most of them are kept in boxes.
LEon said…
I respect your self-control. :)

I would very much love to see your collection of vader. Maybe you can share it with us when you done moving. No hurry. :)
Ant Sized Man said…
Think i got 2 Vaders, a 1/6 14inch tall custom i got built for me and a 1/144 which is less than 1cm tall.

Will take some pics of them tomorrow, this is a cool event you got going and i'll join in.
LEon said…
Sure Ant Sized Man. snap it blog it and comment here with the link and I will link it there. :D
Ant Sized Man said…
The only 2 vader i own, really surprised that i only had 2.
1/144 Darth vader:

1/6 Darth Vader:
LEon said…
Ant Sized Man your entry has been linked. :)
Mario! said…
I've been away, so I wasn't able to get to this earlier, but now I've made my Vader Invasion post:
LEon said…
Mario, better late than never. Read your collection and it was awesome. I added the link too! :D
LEon said…
@the dutch purple rabbit
Vader is powerful. Even you got it for your husband. LOL Where the link to the lego vader?
Darn. If I had read this about 6 hours ago I could have gathered all my vader stuff. Unfortunately what few vader toys I have are scattered amongst 4 locations and I won't hit them all until next sunday.
LEon said…
No prob Action Ranger Timmy. Gather it can blog it next sunday or so and leave a comment with that link. I will link it in this post. :)
Wow! Really nice cool collection of dark Vader my friend.
LEon said…
Thanks Dennis. You have any vader in your collections?
Dash MacBastard said…
That concept Vader remains one of the coolest figures Hasbro ever put out. Loved that series.
LEon said…
You got that right Dash. That concept Vader was the last Vader in my collection. :)
Dan said…
Finally I present my entry;
LEon said…
Thanks Dan! Your entry has been added. Cool Video I must say.
LEon said…
Thanks for joining Timmy! Have added your entry! :D
A.J. said…
Here's my post:
LEon said…
Link added! Thank you so much for joining and sharing. :D

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