Toy Hunter Shop in Hong Kong

As promised, here is a entry of one of the Toy Shop I visited when I was in Hong Kong. This Toy Hunters is located at MongKok.

Specialized in selling 12 inch Hot Toys and sideshow figures. Some of it ready for Pre-order. Saw some on display.

Here is something that most of 12 inch toy collector had their eyes on... Terminator Salvation. Come with LED eyes.

One of this Terminator is taller than 12 inches... Really kick ass.

If you like cuter stuff, Cosbabies maybe for you. Cute looking batman figures. Hey! Why so serious? :P

They have Iron man for that too. While I find the Michael Jackson ones interesting. Can you spot all his MV costume?

Compare to some other shop around, the shop prices seems quite fair. Too bad I am not into 12 inch collection. The toys are normally over my budget and space. Well that is just me. :)


Wah! u were in Hong Kong? and they alread yhave terminator salvation? cool....

Hey read my latest post.
LEon said…
Yes I went to HK and those Terminator salvation in the picture for pre-order as written in my blog entry.
ha ha those terminators look mighty fine...can't wait for them to hit our sunny island!
Hey! The cosbaby MJ with sunglasses is super cute. So many variants, even got Moonwalker version. Ha! Ha!
LEon said…
yep. Value for money for 12" collectors.

Cosbaby MJ are cute!
chunky B said…

Sorry I never found those addresses of the other two shops I visited when I was there, they were on a laptop that got destroyed. I was looking on the web to see if I could locate them before you left. guess I failed.
LEon said…
No worry chunky. It's fun to walk around to discover some of the toy shops. LOL

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