Gokun Dragonball Perfect Figure

There are so far so many Gokun toy and statue in the market but which one is the "Perfect" one?

Well here is one that I find Perfect Gokun.Just pay attention to the texture of the skin, hair, clothing and even the metallic stand!

Here the back view.

Close up view. Look at the skin.

Awesome isn't it? Where to find such good looking display statue or Toy? Did Bandai make such good toy?

Are you interested to make a purchase for this figure? How much will you pay for it? Yes I am taking order exclusive here! Mass order above 10 order gets 10% discount (excluding shipping and GST)

Okay don't get too excited, more order detail later. Let me continue reviewing this figure. Hehehe

Here is the mold of above Gokun. Solid Resin!

Seriously this Gokun look too good to be a toy or a statue. It would be a master pieces to date. Here the deal, all the pictures above are NOT a real figure. Yes, Bandai did not do that. If you would said it is Photoshopped product then what I am going to tell you will blow you away. This Gokun is not even a physical product which taken by any camera!

All the photo above are CG. Computer Generated in 3D. I know you would probably scroll up to double check, so go ahead.

Welcome back. You can deny it but it's the truth. Like you, I couldn't believe it either when I saw it. These awesome 3D rendering is done by a CG artist in Singapore TengChia. With his permission, I posted his work here. Please support local artist!! :D

How I wish it is a real toy too! I am sorry if you feel kinda cheated by this entry. :P

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Jcee said…
Yup, you got me!
Joshua said…
you mean perfect?
Oh my...it sure looked good while it lasted.
RiP666 said…
nice work...
before finish reading, i'm want it too hehehe..
but it is not real haha
I wish i have a body like him. Hahaha
Anonymous said…
Leon - kanasai..I thought it's real statue or PVC figure..
Anonymous said…
Leon - kanasai..I thought it's real statue or PVC figure..
LEon said…
It got me too when I first saw it.

Yes perfect. Thanks for highlighting it. :)

@Little Plastic Man & GregChai

@RiP666 & desmond
Sorry to disappoint you. :P

Don't we all?
My eyes are playing tricks with me. This is not real statue! Unbelievable! Dragonball Evolution should use this kind of CG instead of getting some Ah Mok Wu Kong.
Angie R said…
Leon this toy (I mean if it WERE a toy) is simply awesome! Will it go into prodution one day?

Oh BTW, I don't know if you do tag. It's a very easy photo tag. I've included you to be part of the fun. Do head over to my site to check it out! :-) Angie
The Rebel said…
Nice review...

Not a Dragon ball fan (tho' I do shout the trademark 'kame-hame-ha' every once in a while!)....but I think this piece rocks! Btw, what do u think of the upcoming live-action movie? It is faithfully true to the comics??!
LEon said…
I also longed to see Dragonball in CGI but would Japan actually do that?

@Angie R
I also hope it would be a real toy. Thanks for your invitation for the photo tag, it look interesting but this blog is more to toy related stuff which I would like to kindly decline. :)

@The Rebel
If I have to choose between "Street fighter the legend of Chunli" and "Dragonball Evolution", I think DB movie should look a bit better. However I think those 2 movies are just there to rally the fans for $$. I will review the movie once I watched it here. :)
Anonymous said…
Whoa, you got me there too! I thought it was a real physical statue! :P
Unknown said…
Wah 'handsome' Goku..I love that!!
LEon said…
@Juliana & C.Alv.B
There will be more Dragonball on the way every tuesday. :D

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