Premium Bandai Stranger Things Hawkins Collection Coming

Yes things are getting more Stranger with the Stranger things series coming to Bandai but not only regular Bandai but under PREMIUM BANDAI series!

Premium Bandai Stranger Things Series

Here are the newly release of the indivual 6" figure of Jim Hopper and Eleven seperately with each having over 20 points of articulation. Premium Bandai Stranger Things Series Jim Hopper and Eleven

The Demogorgon is standing at 7" taller than the regular figure as it is to scale and also Dustin's Demodog, Dart.
Premium Bandai Stranger Things Series the Demogorgon and Dustin’s Demodog Dart

These are Bandai America products for the Netflix series.


GIJigsaw said…
Interesting looking figures. I saw them at Target but not sure about getting them. Will see what the show is like and see if they make any more. Hopper looks like he's been at a Soviet gulag.

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