He-man Masters of the universe Battlefield Warriors Coming

 For those who have not be able to get Battle Cat here is the reward of your patience. There will be a He-man in Battle armor and Battle Cat boxset coming your way! 

This box set comes with battle scared He-man and Battle Cat. 

He-man will be having the Retro Battle armor which the chrome armor will show battle scar by turning his chest. With He-man full accessories of his Axe, sword and shield. There is another He-man head with different expression too.

It will also come with a display base with Battle Cat removeable armor and 2 small dragon of the sort. Guess those 2 are new items. 

If you want to keep it mint in box, it will also be good display showing the toys inside the box.

This is one set for fans to have especially if you have not even starting to collect. 

Here is the not so good news as this is a Target exclusive... Thanks Mattel....


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