Hasbro Marvel Legend Spider-Man into the spider-verse Coming

 After about 2 years, Hasbro is getting down to make characters of "Spider-Man into the spider-verse" in to the Marvel Legends series

So here are the characters

Miles Morales 

Gwen Stacy and Spider-Ham

This is a must get as the Spider-Ham is the movie version.

Peter B. Parker 

Not too sure the coat can be removed or not...

Marvel’s Prowler 

The other 2 in the series are  not in the movie of "Spider-Man into the spider-verse" which are Marvel’s Frog-Man  and The Hand Ninja

The Bulid-A-Figure for this series is STILT-MAN that is not from the movie

Releasing in February 2020 at USD $19.90 


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