McFarlane Toys: DC Multiverse Build-A Merciless Wave

 Those who like the dark DC universe would be happy to know mcfarlane will be releasing a wave of figures in their Merciless Wave in October 2020.

The first is Batman from the Dark Nights: Metal Series. This Batman comes with two axes, and a base. 

Next is Superman from The Infected storyline in the comic book series Batman/Superman (2019)
Superman (The Infected) comes with an alternate pair of hands, and a base

From Robin Earth -22 from Dark Nights: Metal. These Robin have multiple expressions. 

Finally this is Batman Who Laughs with Sky Tyrant Wings and the feature would be the wing that can spread out. 

Here the wing spread!! Awesome!

Collect all the figures above and you can  build the complete The Merciless figure!  He is the tallest among all in this series. 

For those who like dark theme of DC, this would be in time for Halloween as it releasing in October 2020!


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