Kitan Club Zombie Kyonsea Cat Gashapon Review

Today going to do a review on these cats capsule from the Kitan Club. This time is the Chinese Zombie!

I first get the news and really want to get this set. The series is 5 in total of different cats and the price is 300 JPY. 

If you are concern that the yellow charm kinda covers the face, there is an option for it to remove the charm for this set. 

Removing the charm and we can see the cute faces of the cats!

Here a close up on some of the faces. 

Look at the big round eyes!!

I was expecting there will be some pattern as traditionally these types of costumes will come with a pattern at the back as well. To my disappointment, there isn't but just a stamp of trademark and "Made in China"

As Chinese Zombies, they usually do hopping with arms lifted up straight. So these cats do the same as well! 

What is lacking in my opinion, would be the priest that should be in the front that commands such zombie. If only they release that in this series that will be perfect.

At the meantime, I will be keeping these with the charm. 

By the way, there will be a series two in red coming. 
Let's see if we can get our hands on it!.


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