Marvel Legends Series X-Men 20th Anniversary Coming

Hasbro has just release a X-men 20th Anniversary for X-Men Fox movies series and releasing in December 2020 would be the 4 figures below.

First is the twin pack of Professor X & Magento.

This should be the ultimate version for collectors of 6 inches figure of X-men as the young (X-men First Class) and Old head script will be included.

Mystique will come in single box as how she always been in blue just her skin. She comes with a left arm of flesh color tho.

Wolverine will be another single box where he wears the signature jacket in the X-men movie with 2 facial expressions.

These series will be releasing in Q4 of 2020. Likely to get it for Christmas.

These could be the best so far for X-men.


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