Hot Toys – Cosbaby Iron Man Mark 85 [Battling Version] Large figure

Today we have this figure from the current Hot Toys - Cosbaby Line. This is the Cosbaby Iron Man Mark 85 Battling version (Large) figure review by Yeetat

The packaging is lavish, with foil markings reflecting light showing colourful halos on respective sides of the box.

This package inside comes with bobblehead figure statue and instruction manual.

Figure depicts the now iconic scene of Tony Stark - Iron Man’s last stand against his opponent, Thanos, as seen in the Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame live-action movie. This figure is not playable with zero articulation.

This is a Large figure, standing taller than the usual Small sized Funko Pop, let alone Funko Keychain Hulkbuster. The statue is about 20cm tall.

The figure is nicely molded with physical details on the head and throughout the armor body below, completely painted from top to bottom, with various battle-damaged marks, flesh wounds, along with Iron Man’s pose, wielding the Infinity Gauntlet showing all its stones sitting in its place.

Unique to this Large offering in the Hot Toys - Cosbaby line, this Large figure comes with the actual light-up function. Each of the six coloured Infinity Stones and Mark 85 Armor’s Arc Reactor light up with a flick of the switch underneath the base.

You can choose to power the lights by micro-USB cable or batteries.

I was aware of the Hot Toys - Cosbaby line of figures released in conjuction with the release of Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War movie then. However, this figure I am reviewing here is the only one figure which actually caught my attention. Not because I was looking to add a new figure to my very small Iron Man collection (Time), or the figure featured Iron Man with Tony Stark head sculpt (Reality) or the figure made by Hot Toys to compete in the chibi collectible figure scene (Space) or the figure was big sized (Power) or the figure is attracted me with its light-up functions very well painted to look really good (Mind) or the figure immortalized the one iconic scene from the movie (Soul). But the figure comes complete with all six worlds, like all six Infinity Stones (Mind, Power, Reality, Soul, Space, Time) collected onto one gauntlet to pack the ultimate punch, I mean “snap”. Lol.

If you can only own 1 Hot Toys - Cosbaby figure in your toys collection, you can definitely not go wrong with owning this figure.


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