1/6 Custom Tattoo Hulk Hulkouza by 100mada

Who would imagine if Hulk would be in Tattoos and somemore something that look like out of Yakuza series.

Photos credit to 100mada

The creator 100mada named it as Hulkouza.

This is a 1/6 scaled Hulk from Korean customizer, 100mada

Photos credit to 100mada

The details of this Hulk is amazing starting with flesh color applied.

Photos credit to 100mada

All the tattoos are hand drawn.
He painfully worked with a thin brush and it took about 180 hours to brush and the total production in the span of three months!

Here is the process

The bonus part for me personally is how the head and expression are well kept on repainting as well. With Shading too!!

Photos credit to 100mada

You can get to see more details of this masterpieces and other works of 100mada  over at his Instagram here 


chrismandesign said…
That’s a quite intricate work, the result is lovely, in fact it looks like decals were applied over the body of the figure (this level of detail makes decals the best option, since tampos cannot cover properly this kind of irregular surfaces), but being hand made makes it even more impressive, plus the very convincing skin tones and shades, that’s a lot of work when you start with something green!...

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