Playmobil 70317 Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine Coming

Back in 2017 Funko with Playmobil made Back to the Future figure and everyone was awaiting the one that come with a DeLorean. That time has come!

Playmobil is officially releasing the Time machines and the figures of Back to the Future!!

Schedule to release in May 2020 at the price of USD$49.99! Here is the box design!

This DeLorean is the movie 1 version and it come with what you expected with door able to Open, light up flux capacitor, sound and light of the lightning effect and time machine dashboard!

These are what in the box set with Doc Brown, Marty McFly and the dog Einstein, remote control joystick, video camera, Skateboard and a case of plutonium to be able to put at the back of the Delorean as power source.

Honestly what more can you be asking for Back to the Future fan for the price of USD $49.99? This is a must get!


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