Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) 2019 Coming

We are countdown to this weekend for Singapore premier pop culture event, Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) 2019 which is happening on 7th to 8th December at Marina Bay Sands across Halls A, B, and C.

The event promises a thrilling line-up filled with fun and interactive content coupled with opportunities to meet with notable names from the world of popculture! Joining the stellar line-up are other artists extraordinaire and personalities such as Mico Suayan, Jonathan Cathey from The Loyal Subjects, and tokidoki’s Simone Legno. Not to forget, Takashi Shimada and last but not least Reki Kawahara and abec – the duo behind the Sword Art Online light novels.

Gamers are also in store for a fun-filled weekend as they get to witness the finale of the PVP @ Singapore Comic Con by Singtel alongside Gamersaurus Rex’s miniature tablescapes and battlefields from games such as Warhammer 40,000 and A Song of Ice and Fire Miniature Game as well as the Pokémon Trading Card Game and Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon on Nintendo 3DS by Project EXT.

Be dazzled by the many Cosplayers as they come decked out in their finest and intricate costumes for the Championships of Cosplay (CoC) and get your hands on Limited Edition Collectibles from Royal Selangor, SaberMach, PosterHub and more.

Explore hidden gems from an eclectic collection of sketches, toys at the Artist Alley booths. Each booth promises a showcase of unique trinkets that like-minded fans can get their hands on. Be prepared to be inspired by the creations of mixed artists, illustrators and even toy-makers such as Drawmonsterdraw, FRUS, Laugh and Belly, and many more.

You can get your ticket here! You can do some planing with the floor plan to understand better. 


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