Power of the Primes – Leader Class Evolution Optimus Prime Toy Review

Today, we will take a look at Power of the Primes – Leader Class Evolution Optimus Prime Toy  review by Yeetat.

“For every hero, there is a beginning. For our Autobot Leader, Optimus Prime, Orion Pax was his origin story.”

Today, we take a look at Hasbro / Takara Transformers - Power of The Prime Leader Class Evolution Optimus Prime toy.

The front of the packaging display sees Optimus Prime in his full robot glory, together with his Matrix of Leadership, and his Ion Blaster weapon.

The side of the box displays Orion Pax which is a new playable character for this toy.

The back of the packaging displays each of the three forms one can play with. This toy is special because we get play with Optimus Prime in robot form, Orion Pax in robot form and Optimus Prime vehicle form (cab with trailer), one form at a time.

This is Optimus Prime is his robot mode, Matrix of Leadership and his Ion Blaster. 

Ejecting the chest piece, we can transform it into Orion Pax in robot form.

This back view shows plastic kibble remaining from the transformed trailer and transformed Orion Pax to make into Optimus Prime.

The Ion Blaster piece can be separated to make as smaller firearm for Orion Pax.

Now with the hollow body frame of Optimus Prime “armor” and Orion Pax in robot form, let’s make it into the Optimus Prime’s cab and trailer.

This version of cab and trailer has modified look but feels like the classic we knew and loved. The trailer can be pegged in the tail of the cab to be pulled along from place to place.

The major difference for this trailer is it cannot be opened up to carry anything inside. You can however, peg the Ion Blaster on the top of the trailer.

This toy accurately outlines the journey of Orion Pax who scarified his life to stand up against the Decepticons in the animation show, given a lease of life when rebuilt into became Optimus Prime who lead the Autobots faction in their fight against Megatron and his army of Deceptcons.

Power of The Prime Leader Class Evolution Optimus Prime is a unique transformers toy. Personally, this is my very first real Optimus Prime Transformers toy I actually opened and played with in a very long long time. Lol.


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