Hasbro Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Coming

There is a disturbance in the force since Disney+ Starwars TV series The Mandalorian introduce The Child which look like Yoda race. Demand of toys for "Baby Yoda" is high and finally Hasbro share the news of the toy.

PS: above photo is the toy not the muppet in the show.

According to Hasbro there will be coming in different sizes.

The 2.2 Inch option which is a twin pack of 2 c 2.2 inch figures. Each pack will be price at USD $15.99

There is a 6.5 Inch  and it will be priced at USD  $19.99 with just movable joint and cast clothing.

If you want a talking plush Yoda baby which is in 7.5 Inch, it will be selling at USD $24.99

You can see the Plush version of Baby Yoda in action here! You can pre-order that here

This series will only be releasing in May 2020. Not too sure by then will the hype still be there.

More news will be updated here!


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