ODOM x AR Exclusive OD-BOYZ [小魔神Z]

If you are into designer toys, you may want to take a look at this toy which is limited edition of ODOM x AR Exclusive  OD-BOYZ [小魔神Z]!!

The actual toy is shown here!

This toy is only on sales on 11 November 2019!  If you are interested to get this limited edition, read the detail on AR post below

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ODOM x AR Exclusive OD-BOYZ [小魔神Z] 🤖️🤖️🤖️🤖️ Preorder starts SINGAPORE 11.11.19, 11PM⁣⁣ While stock last - Limited to10 pieces - $188 USD each (*Exclude Shipping⁣⁣) *Shipping cost (4-10 days) Singapore - 15 USD Other parts of Asia - 20 USD Europe/US - 40 USD Delivery starts 18 Nov 2019 How to Purchase 1. Limited to AR followers ONLY 2. Email to ARXenquiry@gmail.com 3. Quote subject “ODBOYZ” and include your IG + Address + Contact Number + PayPal email address 4. Successful buyer will receive our PayPal invoice for payment detail. Terms and conditions 1. Only 1pcs each for AR follower 2. AR reserves the right to cancel/amend rights to purchase if any buyer do not follow the purchase terms 3. By reading this rules, you understand that you will abide to the purchase details provided. All sales are final and reserved by AR 预购将在11月11日11PM⁣⁣开始 售完为止 - 限量10只 - 售价$188USD(*不包括空运⁣⁣) *空运费 (4-10天) 新加坡 - 15 USD 亚洲 - 20 USD 欧洲/美国 - 40 USD - 11月18日开始邮寄 如何购买 1. 仅限于AR followers 2. 邮件至ARXenquiry@gmail.com 3. 邮件主题“ODBOYZ”,并填上您的IG账号+地址+联系号码+PayPal账号 4.成功的买家将收到我们的PayPal发票以付款细节。 条款 1. AR追随者各1只 2.如果任何买家不遵守购买条款,AR保留取消/修改购买的权利 3.阅读此规则, 您将遵守提供的购买详细信息。 所有销售权由AR保留 #anonymousridicule #noneedtoworkisgoodforyourhealth #ไม่จำเป็นต้องทำงานมันดีต่อสุขภาพของคุณ #不需要工作对健康有益 #仕事をする必要がないから健康に良い #小魔童Z #ODBOYZ #mechawillrise #odom #onedayonemonster #toy #monsters #kaiju #sofubi #sofvi #SoftVinyl #SoftVinylToy #Vinyltoy #DesignerToy #toys #toyartistry #toydiscovery #toysportal #collectibles #toycollector

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Hope you can get one!


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