Mondo Batman: The Animated Series 1/6 Scale Figure Coming

Fans of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, here is a 1/6 Batman you may want to have. Produce for a limited run by Mondo.

Here is the packaging in a box form which you can see the Batman: The Animated Series illustration.

The box allow open cover and you can see the full items in it without opening. Great for MISB collector but I hope people will open the toy.

THis Batman come with 4 expressions as swappable heads with one unmasked version. He come with gadgets and 4 pair of hands.

The animated version with standard articulations.

The cape is real clothing fabric in black.

With the different facial expression and gadgets on his hand, you can do your favorite form of Batman!

Here is the close up of Bruce Wayne animated version. Look at the details!

If you are keen to this Mondo version which is limited to 900 pieces at the price of USD $150, you can go to Mondo website to get it before it sold out.

The figure will be release in January 2020.


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