C3AFA 2019 Singapore Day 2

Day 2 of C3AFA in Singapore and pop by to get a load of the actions as Saturday would be more crowd with more adult as it is partly a none working days.

Today the main thing would be the concert and stage performance and as the day turn older, it crowd and performance get more hotter! Unfortunately not all of the performance is able to be boardcast in social media but you it is best to be there to adsorb the atmosphere.

That being said here is one part of it.

For those who asked about the Bandai offers there. Here are the details.

Today I have allocated time to check out the BandaiNamco game section to try out the new games including some titles that is not released yet but it do have hands-on Demo of the games for those who visit C3AFA.

There was also a big section for Manga and it has artist exhibition and here are some of them that visitor able to see. In fact there were 3 main section for manga showcase including Jump Comic!

Some of Original works are on display.

MAPPA Animation showcase was enjoyable as you get a glimpse of the storyboarding and coloring.

Just look at the drawing and planing of frame by frame is amazing.

Here are a section for Gibiate Project.
Artist Amano Yoshitaka and his work.

Tomorrow would be the last day of the event and it took me 2 days to really take the time to look see and get some things that I wanted.

This is truly for Anime fans!!

Read about Day 1 here!


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