C3AFA 2019 Singapore Day 1

It is time again for annual Anime event in Singapore and it's C3AFA 2019!!

I started off early in the morning with my kid to visit this event which he very much enjoy.

I did a Facebook LIVE on my first entry to C3AFA today and here is the video on particularly Bandai sector with what is on offer there in Day 1.

I was looking out for toys when suddenly I see these good looking Kamen Rider Posters caught my eye. And when I make inquiry on the price of one poster, I was told this would be free for every $5 purchase at Latendo.

So I bought a Kamen Rider toy (review later) for $60 and I got 12 round to "Tikum" to see which Kamen Rider I will get. My kid did the honor of picking the lucky draw in the video below and I got what I wanted.

There's quite of number of activities such as Ninja School which you get a team of friends to challenge some task to win. Yes It's Naruto!!

I have to say there's quite a lot of toys with good pricing on sales in the event. Trust me on this as I did some research.

The Dojin Market particularly have some good merchandise on sales. Here are a snapshot of what is on sale there.

Of course most I see people are buying are the anime related arts like posters

And some are post card

Demon Slayer are particularly hot this year!

Beside Anime related stuff there are some original artist creation!

And the surprising thing is to see Meowth looking coin purse!!

This are some of the Snapshot of today! I will cover others on tomorrow post as I visit the event on Day 2!

Continue to Day 2!


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