Joker 2019 Movie

The Joker 2019 movie had many buzz even before the movie was release and with the recent "negative" feedback. it make me want to watch it even more because those who are making the noises are those same people who say "The Last Jedi" is a master piece. So who's the crazy one?

So here is my review of the Joker 2019 Movie in my own Opinion and yes this do have spoilers and I will indicate Spoilers part in those section later.

If you are  NOT a comic book fan, go and watch this movie because it is NOT a BATMAN comic book movie. You won't see or mention anything about BATMAN. This is just a movie of a man who take the name of the JOKER to bait Batman Comic book fan. You don't even see DC comic indicated there.

Okay the whole Spoiler plot will be expose from here onward. But if you are curious of the movie, read on as it won't spoil any plot as there are no subvert expectation in the movie. Plus everyone know the ending that the person turned MAD or Crazy right? So what is there to spoil? Hahaha

The story is about a man called Arthur who is living with his old loving gentle mother. He is an honest good man who do an honest job of being a clown who do odd job like roadshow and entertain children home.

Unfortunately where Arthur living is a city that is falling apart. The government is cutting funding on healthcare and other spending and the citizen started went on strike. The richest business man want to run for Mayor and claimed to help the city and the poor or even better (making it great again?). Of course the poor citizen don't believe in such nonsense and continue to go on strike.

Poor Arthur was going home taking the train late at night and he was picked on by 3 young business men. Arthur was picked on because he was still dressed like a clown. The three of them beat him up and to defend himself Arthur uses a hand gun (thank to right to bare arm) and shot them out of the defense. He managed to ran away but witness claimed the killer was a clown. Arthur originally felt rather bad about it but he soon learned that many citizen was happy as those who he killed was those privilege class which most citizen hate them.

The privilege then respond that the killer has no guts but only to dress as a clown in life. The citizen went on an up roar and pick up the clown look to went on strike from then on.

Arthur had a dream to make it big as a stand up comedian, so he try really hard to stand up and tell joke. Yet all he was rewarded was ridicule. Someone recorded his performance of him trying to make a funny joke and it went viral. One Media outlet which Arthur watches as fan saw his recording being played and ridicule once more by his idol.

To add on Arthur's misfortune, the mother had a stroke and started to learn more about his mother. Believing the mother that he has a father, Arthur went to look for the father but only to be punched by him and told him his mother was crazy and was warded in a asylum.

That trigger Arthur to search for the truth. It turned out to be true and he discovered not only the mother history but Arthur's childhood abused too.

Betrayed and heartbroken with no trusted family, Arthur started to do something that make himself happy. He need to feel just or at least be respected. Moral was out of the window from then on.

As luck has it, the media outlet decided to reach out to him to ask for an LIVE interview. Of course Arthur would go but he has something in mind. As people do not take him seriously and call him a "Joker". He went dressed as the Joker and feeling free and empowered and on LIVE telecast, he confessed he was the killer.

The host condemn him that he think he was a hero in killing the 3 men? The Joker question them  that if the dead was not from the rich would anyone care? No, it is likely no one will care because he was a not a privilege class. The host continue to condemn him and he had it as he knew he was put on the show to be ridicule and so he kill the host on live TV.

The city meanwhile went wild as the show was broadcast LIVE to the public. As Joker was taken away, the mob save him by chance as he praise to be a hero. He did not become a leader of a gang tho. He was just being admired as a hero at very moment.

So you see, this has nothing to Batman Comic. He just dressed as a clown and called himself as Joker. What you see in this movie could be anyone in the real world right? So why you assume it was based on comic book?

The take away of this movie is to be kind to everyone. Least a "Joker" would come into being in our lifetime. We know as everyone can get crazy sometime but do not provoke them to such level and stop calling people out. Nothing good will come out of that.

PS: There are many references from the Batman comic world but if you watch the movie, you will believe this is a real world story happening at somewhere on someone.

Okay so I lied. This is a Batman comic book movie. Why so Serious?


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