Hasbro Spider-Man Marvel Legends Wave 11 Coming

Starting in early 2020, Hasbro releasing Spider-Man Marvel Legends Wave 11 and these are what is in that series. Look out for Spider-man especially you played the PS4 game.

First off, 2 Spider-man suit from the PS4 Spider-man game!

Spider-Armor MK III which will come with a Demogoblin leg

Velocity Suit Spider-Man with another Demogoblin leg.

Marvel’s White Rabbit with Demogoblin glider

Next is Vulture and Shang-Chi

Shang-Chi  with 2 Nunchucks and the body of goblins

Marvel’s Vulture with one of his alternate head and Demogoblin's legs.

Here is Superior Octopus which Spider-man cross over with Dr. Octopus it seems. Come with a pair of Demoglobins

Here is the build-able figure which is Demogoblin!!

These set is set to release on January 2020

Look out for it!!


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