GameStart 2019

It's been a busy weekend as I have been attending Gamestart 2019, the largest game show in Singapore.

Game Start had been around since 2014 and I was there to support as it is very rare to have a game show in Singapore. So this is the 6th year and is the final year going by this name. Below is the amount of attendance record of various years.

This year in event the main highlight was demo playing for Final Fantasy VII remake and I have spent 20 minutes to play a mini stage. Review from me was it met my expectation and would be one title I will include in my collection.

Another thing closer to my expectation was Cyberpunk. At the event, there was a demo of the game walkthru. Very interesting and certainly one game to play and go into that world of CyberPunk.

The e-sport was full of fans which some of which very skilled in various game. I cannot think of challenging them as a casual gamer.

Disney was there to showcase their games ahead of it's time which I cannot take video of the game play. The setup was grand and my kid and I waited almost 40 minutes at the event to get to play the first stage of the Avengers.

Some of the games title like sorcerer's arena get my attention too but it is not out yet.

On the second day I have more time to get to sit down and play some games. New and Old. Yes relived my youth.

The table top was happening too with Fate Grand Order demo of the games and others.

Last of all, there are various cosplayers and they really added bonus of the event.

As I say it is a good run for GameStart but don't worry, next year it will be bigger but it will be Gamescom asia!

You can read all the years of GameStart here!

So for local or region gamers. Show your support if you want games convention  to be on going in years to come!


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