Funko No. 262 Shazam – Mary

Today, we will take a look at Funko Pop’s “Shazam” figure movie, Number 262 – Mary review by Yeetat.

In the 2019 movie, Shazam, Mary Bromfield is Billy Batson’s foster sister. She is the eldest foster children in the household which our lead Billy Batson aka Shazam joined. When Billy decided to share his Shazam power to his foster siblings to fight against Dr Sivana and his Seven Sins monsters, this allows Mary and her younger foster siblings to transform in their older selves gifted with the super powers of Shazam.

Out of the box, we see the set comes with the Pop figure of Mary and one cardboard display backdrop sheet. The cardboard display sheet shows a bright bolt of lightning like the transformation scene in the movie.

The Funko figure of Mary dons the similar red suit with lightning logo in front and white cape lined with gold sides like Shazam’s together with gold wrist gauntlets and gold boots. Mary’s suit is short sleeved dress with short skirt. In my opinion, the design of Mary’s Shazam short skirt dress suit resembles what Wonderwoman could wear.

The Mary Funko Pop figure only has articulation on the head. There is no limb articulation.

Here we have a side-by-side comparison of “Captain Marvel” and “Miss Marvel”. Big Brother and Little Sister or Little Brother and Big Sister XD

This pair of Shazam-Mary figures makes a great complimentary Funko couple, no?


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