1/6 MTOYS Joaquin Joker Coming

MTOYS showcasing Joaquin Joker which come in 2 version and they will be releasing in the first quarter of 2020.

MTOYS MS009 1:6 Joaquin Joker (Causal version) is where you see the original self that in his brown jacket and smoking look.

The side view was on spot.

He will come with a brown paper bag and a cigarette

Here are the full accessories.

Another version would be made up version of MTOYS MS008 1/6 Scale Joaquim Joker (Suit version)

With a cigarette and a hand gun just like in the movie.

He will comes with a Mask as well.

Here is the closed up of him in full make up.

The side view was on spot too.

You can pose him in dancing pose if you can.

Here are the list of accessories of the character.

If you are a fan, you can get both figures as well.

Do you like Joker?


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