LEGO Minifigures Series 19 Coming

Here is the preview of the coming LEGO minifigures series 19 which I think many of you will be interested.

Now here are some of figures that will be in this series.

First the mask off Mummy which she would come with a golden scopion (not in this picture) and Fox cosplay girl.

These two remind me of Fortnite which is a Rainbow bear and a Intergalactic Bounty Hunter

The force is Female which you have Female Firefighter and Female programmer. The programmer will come with a laptop and a mni-robot which is not in the picture below. You can see in the group photo later. Learn to code.

Female Pet lover are here with a care taker of 2 dogs and a rich woman with a flamingo.

One Pizza guy and a shower guy with a green duckling. That is rare!

A Rugby player (love the rugby ball) and a game streamer who stream game play on youtube or Twitch.

Old school explorer and female Mountain Biker

But the best is here. The Legendary Monkey King! and a Spooky Dark Knight!!

Here the group photo and notice the accessories?

These series is schedule to release on 1st of September 2019. Look out for it!!


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