Hasbro Marvel Basic Figure Mysterio from “Spider-Man: Far From Home” Movie

Today a guest post by Yeetat.

This is the 6-inch Marvel basic figure of Mysterio from the new “Spider-Man: Far From Home” movie. In this story, Spider-Man is tasked to team up with Mysterio to counter the chaos attacks in Europe.

Here is the figure in packaging.

The figure comes with effects pieces because Mysterio fights with his “magic” and is decked out in the same costume like in the movie.

Despite being a basic figure, it got the colours of green, gold and purple correct with enough details put into the suit to look the part.

Here is the side view.

The cape is removable and can be held in place with a peg to fit into the back of the figure.

This basic Mysterio figure only has articulated upper shoulders, elbows and legs. You cannot put him in dynamic poses like Mysterio could in the movie. The helmet is a solid opaque one glossy piece.

Take that, Water Elemental! My Mysterio Rune Blast Attack!

Heh, my Mysterio Rune Shield easily deflects the attack of the Fire Elemental!

Yes, we also have the Marvel Legends Line of Mysterio from the same “Spider-Man: Far From Home” movie. The Legends version has many points of articulation and better looking details on its Mysterio figure, without the effect pieces.

Even so, I would still recommend you give this basic figure a look, if you are looking for a playable beatable figurine.


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