Spider-man Far from Home Review

The latest Marvel Spider-man is enjoyable but I cannot feel after watching it many question came into mind. Rather than review I would give more like a after thoughts.

For a Marvel Spider-man that focus of Teenage life of Peter parker is awesome. You got some teen situation and innocent of some kind. On the whole the fighting are more small scale but believable for the friendly neighborhood spider-man

I like the interaction with the teacher and classmate. In fact that is way better than Peter interacting with Nick Fury and his gang.

Happy is now more friendly toward Peter may be because of the Aunt May or maybe Tony is not around anymore and he is lonely.

Spoiler Warning begin from here on.

Stay Back

Remember Thanos snap? well the rest return 5 years later and surprisingly most Peter Parker's classmate all were victim of the snap except one Asian kid. So 5 years later those snapped off return as how they were in their age. Which mean same age and look while the rest move on 5 years ahead of their life right? No. Apparently when those snapped off came back, one of their classmate remain in the same class for 5 years. 5 years and that kid could graduated but still in the same class with the rest that snapped off. You mean that guy never even progress at least a standard higher in the past 5 years?

The madness didn't stop there. This 5 year older kid like 5 years younger girl which is MJ. I am impressed that he stay single in his 5 years of repeating the same standard. Well I am confused more than impressed actually.

Night Monkey anyone?

Visual and Special effect
Mysterio a real special effect guy with a team of talented programmers fool everyone with visual and special effect but uses his real face. When Mysterio met Nick Fury, Nick believe him. I believe if Fury would do some background check like facial scanning, he may even have a match of who exactly he is because he is using his real name and face! Then again this is not the real Fury too so that explain the logic.

Now if we go into a real 4D experience, we would know there is only a certain degree of real feeling. What you could not really fake is Sound and Wind that are directional. Which mean if the sound is from the sky, it would come from the sky. To use Droid to do the Sound and wind is a bit far fetch especially during the water and Fire element. To do lava, how much heat can you generate with a Drone? What about wind? For that matter also Sound that can be heard from miles?

Then a broken projector that would have stored memory and replay some projection in smaller scale with Sound? I thought the Drone were the one that project the sound and effect?

As I think about Mysterio, this would be someone ordinary but using tech to fool Spider-man and the world. It is not something new as we do have a human who even work alone to fool the Avengers and start the Civil war. At least this is a team of talented people.

End of innocent
With the mid credit bonus, everyone come to know who exactly is Spider-man. That mean if there is another Spider-man movie, it would be he is not likely in school as he may need to hide away.

With Peter Parker being so naive, I think it will take much convincing to the audience to accept him being the wiser Peter Parker version as Spider-man in the Secret War.

That being said, Spider-man did met a strong adversity. His enemies are hidden. Not one but a group of people with an ideal. You don't really know who they are. They can search everything and work together. They are ordinary people. Spider-man cannot stop the leak. Talent uses to fool people. How can you stop fake news or real news being called out to be fake? Like hydra one head maybe chopped off but 3 more will take it place. Spider-man is having a fight he cannot win if this go one. Even Shield cannot help. Yes. Real world problem.


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