No.107 MAFEX SPIDER-MAN Miles Morales Coming

MEDICOM have just announce the Spider-man enter the Spider-Verse movie series figure and the first one that coming our way is Miles Morales.

First of all this would be the most accurate Miles Morales figure so far from the movie. The figure will come with Miles in full black Spider-man suit.

Here is the bare body figure without any accessories. Front and back.

The figure will come with 4 head to interchange. 2 Spider mask on with 2 expression and one without Mask and another with kinda half mask on.

These are the accessories of the figure. His jacket with hood, shorts, Spider web, mask that can fit on his hands only  and his basketball shoes.

Here is with the full coat on.

The figure promise to do all the pose in the movie poster.

Releasing in June 2020 for retail price of 7,800 JPY

Look out for it!!


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