MEDICOS Summer War King Kazma and Love Machine Coming

Summer War was an anime I watched a decade ago. It was a anime movie ahead of it's time. Inside there are 2 online persona, Love Machine which is an virus and King Kazma a online programmer who is the a hero in the online community.

This is not the first time these 2 characters were made into toys. The first release was by Figma series under Good Smile Company. Now these are from another toy maker, MEDICOS.
Summerwar Love Machine King Kazma

First the Love Machine. A strong look avatar and the figure give decent articulation
Summerwar Love Machine

In term of accessories, he is given a staff and a bunch of keys to open online doors.
Summerwar Love Machine

One look you know he is more like a master and in the movie, he consume other avatar and account to gather his strength.
Summer war Love Machine

Next is King Kazma a fighting bunny as an avatar.
Summer war King Kazma

These are the articulation and accessories of the toys.
Summerwar King Kazma

He do not need weapon but melee punch will do.
Summer war King Kazma

Both figure will be releasing as individual in November 2019. Love Machine will be priced at 11,000 JPY while King Kazma at 8,800 JPY!

Look out for these!


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