TOMICA Back To the Future Part 3 Time Machine DeLorean

Guest post by Yeetat.

In March 2018, Tomica released their DeLorean Time Machine variant from Back To The Future Part 3 movie.

This is the most souped up DeLorean time machine among the three time machines variants; I consider the fourth rail wheels variant same as this Part 3 one because only the wheels are replaced. Lol. I remember how Marty drove this DeLorean across the country as fast as it could trying to outrun the chasing Indians, shortly after arriving in the year 1885.

Among all the time machine DeLorean featured, I remembered this DeLorean Part 3 one best because it is most realistic in my opinion. The 1955 tires with red rims and white coloured rubber makes this instantly recognisable for fans.

The DeLorean Time Machine Part 3 has additional electronics and artifacts available in 1955 to be installed on the front hood to enable time travel.

The back of the DeLorean looks plain because the tail lights are molded in ABS plastic same as previous incarnations by Tomica. Hey, at least they got the height of Mr FUSION just right. No DMC logo on the front, is disappointing but not a showstopper.

This TOMICA Time Machine DeLorean Part 3 is a delight for TOMICA fans.
Sure, it is not perfect replica on the actual movie car for the Back To The Future purists. It is a good representation by TOMICA of the movie car it is based upon.


I like the box art and great movie memorabilia.
Nice art work and great movie memorabilia

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