If you have played PS4 Spider-man, you would have like that special suit that come exclusive to this game. The Advance Suit of Spider-man.

The game developer did well to go for this special costume which was not in comic. The figure is good looking as in the game. Bandai did a good job compare to Hasbro Marvel Legend series of this Spider-man suit.

Let's have a comparison of the figure with the cover of PS4. Wow it really match the pose and look!

Web swinging.

Back web shoot like in the game.

Upside down web hanging with the help of the stand of this series.

Web crawling on buildings.

Superhero landing.

The figure comes with accessories of web robot and web bomb in the game.

It also come with different eye expression like in the game. 3 actually to choose from.

This figure will be releasing in September 2019 at 6,000 JPY..

Better get your money ready soon.


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