SD Gundam World Sangoku Soketsuden Sun Jian Review

Have to say this is not something I expect but it is a good thing. To have one of my favorite Gundam model, Gundam Astray to be Sun Jian would mean he is pretty important in the coming series of Sangoku Soketsuden

According to the story of the new series,  Sun Jian is the head of the distribution guild “Red Tiger” and he holds a grudge against Dong Zhuo Providence Gundam and wanted to seek revenge.

Since he is  a Astray I bet his would have some good moves. As a figure Sun Jian look awesome with shiny parts.

He is the only one so far to have his surname on his costume.

His weapon can be combine to form the fang memory.

Join the parts and this is the final form.

When not in used, you can put some of the part on his back pack as a wing or sort.

I am certain look forward in the anime to see what is his storyline  but as for a Gunpla kit, it is fun to build and good to look at.  He is on fire!

Sun Jian release this week on retail and for Astray lover, this could be another one to add to your list.


Very fierce looking indeed!

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