SD Gundam World Sangoku Soketsuden Cao Cao Review

Cao Cao in the new Sangoku Soketsuden is a Wing Gundam!

Somehow this Cao Cao version make him with many layer of details. the helmet look good with layers of armor including the Wings!

Here's the close up of the details on Cao Cao Wing Gundam.

The wings are pretty limited in movement and at the back is where he can store his 2 swords.

In this series he can hold twin sword on both of his hands. Liu Bei would be the one who held twin swords on a battle before?

Regarding the swords it can do a combine into one sword.

The single sword look more grand and fit to Cao Cao well.

Not too sure he would be the villain of this series or not. Have to wait

How do you think about this Wing Gundam Cao Cao?


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