Iron Studios’ 1:4 IRON MAN 3 : Mark 42 Legacy Review

Today a guest post by Yeetat.

I never paid attention to the first Marvel Cinematic Universe’s IRON MAN movie, ignored the whole IRON MAN 2 movie. One day in 2014, my buddy got me to watch IRON MAN 3 on video then I realized all the adventure I had missed out on.

I was attracted to the IRON MAN 3 movie because the story made the Mark 42 more than just another armor. The Mark 42 was literally Tony Stark’s personal happy helper always ready to come to his every “beck and call” and supported him through thick and thin, despite its obvious flaws *spoiler alert!* this whole prototype armor always breaks like Humpty Dumpty in the most interesting situations.

Iron Studios, from Mexico, was licenced by Marvel and made this whole solid statue of IRON MAN Mark 42. This was also their very first statue before the many other Marvel properties statues which they subsequently made.

The 1/4 scale IRON MAN Mark 42 comes in a very big box.
Opening it up, we see the styrofoam tray nicely houses the base and the whole statue piece.

We also get an official certificate of authenticity and custom sticker decals.

You only need to install the statue via its metal peg into the specific slot on the base to install the statue completely.

The complete statue, presents the three point landing pose of the Mark 42 when it was first introduced. A push button lighting switch is nicely located on the back of the base.

When this statue was first launched, many customers feedbacked Iron Studios shortchanged their promises. This was because the actual statue is presented in the non-gold colour and non-dark red colour scheme different from the original prototype piece officially unveiled by Iron Studios.

Other quality issues include intermittent black nicks from poor handling during production and smudged panel lines applied on several areas of the statue.

My piece was unfortunate to have had received several of these known issues. On the bright side, I could consider them as the weathering with some battle damage on the armors.

Despite Iron Studios lacked the quality painting standards of Hot Toys and XM Studios on this piece, it was still a joy to note that the Mark 42 statue is built perfectly in its three point landing pose just like in the movie.

I personally can relate to Mark 42’s struggles to evolve with Tony Stark in their adventure in the IRON MAN 3 movie when Tony never gave up on this armor.

To end this review, I shall quote Tony Stark from the IRON MAN 3 movie.
“So if I were to wrap this up, tie it with a bow whatever. I guess I’d say ‘My armor, it was never a distraction or a hobby. It was a cocoon. And now, I’m a changed man. You can take away my house, all my tricks and toys. One thing you can’t take away, I AM IRON MAN.’”


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