If I Were Super-Man - Funko Pop 260 Shazam! Review

Today a review by Yeetat!

If there is one superhero I can actually relate to today, it is Shazam. Sorry, Iron Man Mark 42, you are no more number one on my list, I drop you to number two. Xp

In the movie, our lead character, a 14 years old Billy Baxton, was gifted by The Wizard the opportunity and the responsibility (via the powers of S.H.A.Z.A.M.) to protect the world from the Seven Sins, not because Billy wanted to. Just like in real world where everyone not always gets to choose our circumstances gifted in our lives.

Throughout the movie, we see Billy’s journey to balance his new superpowers and his struggles to be mature and become the hero he could be.

This is the Funko Pop figure number 260, Shazam, the box art nicely portrays the superhero like in the movie.

Out of the box, we see the vinyl molded Shazam figure in his red body suit same as the movie.

Black detailed lines are added to the same body suit. The gold metallic paint and bright yellow are applied on the chest’s lightning bolt, boots, wrist armor and cape linings.

For the head, the one raised eyebrow for the face and textured marks on the solid hair piece nicely completed Shazam’s look just like in the movie.

Like all Funko vinyl figures, there is zero articulation on this figure, except for rotating head.

Like Shazam, each of us is empowered and capable to step up to daily challenges. We can be the best we can while balancing our individual circumstances. We are all literally “super” men and women in our respective lives every day.

We need not feel alone when we choose to count on our “family” (not necessarily related by blood) who would root for us in our journeys to be our own heroes.

I quote The Wizard from the movie “Say my name so that my powers may flow through you.” Shazam!


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