Detective Pikachu Movie Review

Firstly I paid for my family on this movie and so that you know this is an honest review as a Pokémon fan.

What if I would tell you that both my son and I find this movie better than the avengers end game? You wouldn't believe but the sentiment is true.

As there are many fans of the Pokémon franchise and with 2 decades of generation of childhood, this movie doesn't disappoint.

All the Pokemon even in it's real world render form satisfied Pokémon fans in this movie. This is no easy fleet as the recent Sonic movie trailer came to fans' backlash on the character design will give you some situation on this.

What they have done well was they put enough Pokémon in this to appease the fans and make everyone of them to have some purpose in the story.

Without giving any spoilers but with information with the trailer, the plot very much stick to a Tim's father was missing and Detective Pikachu came to accompany Tim to search for his father. I would just say the story make sense but it is characters dynamic that make this movie enjoyable.

Pokémon Fan check list
Since it is a Pokémon movie of course fans would have some checklist to get some fan service. So without giving any detail spoilers, here is what the checklist would be against the story

Catching wild Pokémon - Checked
Pokémon battle - Checked
Pokémon moves - Checked
Legendary Pokémon - Checked
Pokémon center - No Nurse Joy
Pokémon music - Checked
Pikachu saying Pika Pika - Checked

I love the way Mewtwo is presented in this movie. If you are a fan of Mewtwo since day 1, you will be glad how respectfully he is treated as in this movie timeline is in line with the Pokémon world. Which mean it does not cross out some history already laid down in the anime or game version.

Now in the beginning I did said this movie is better than End game and I stick to that in my opinion. This is because this is the first real world Pokémon movie where the End game was already a proven formula that work. You cannot really missed the mark of End game unless they did it like The Last Jedi.

So for this movie to make all the Pokémon accepted by fans and the design and story to appeal to new audience is no easy task. You would very much want to watch again to see all the Pokémon in the movie which mean people will rewatch on streaming in time to come.

This movie also make way for more Pokémon movie to come too! Just make some good story line and this would not go wrong.

Would love to hear your thought on this after you watched the movie.


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