NERF Overwatch RIVAL is Out in Singapore

Remember sometime we shared about Overwatch will be made into Nerf Blaster? Well it is out in Singapore now!

REAPER single blaster is priced at SGD $$9.99

These are spotted in ToysRus retail and her is McCREE at SGD $89.99

D.VA in Nerf RIVAL only comes with 3 rounds and it comes with special green color.  As it only come with 3 rounds, it is priced at SGD $59/99

Mirco Shots series is priced at SGD $19.90

Lastly there is a grand version of REAPER with 2 blaster and a solid mask! It is priced at SGD $239.00

Go and get it Overwatch's fans as this is quite good looking blaster to play or cosplay.



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