Mobile Suit Gundam Micro Wars Candy Toys Coming

Releasing this early this month from Japan, it is a new type of candies toys of Gundam by Bandai. It's the Mobile Suit Gundam Micro Wars lines!

Well these candies toys make me excited no because it has Gundam or Zaku or even tanks. But it is about having pilot that you can put inside the mobile suit!!

If you must know, the pilot has multiple articulated joints!!

There are pilots that can sit inside the Magella Attack and Type 61 Tank with each having 3 Pilots!!

Char Zaku II and Zaku II would have their own pilot as well that can open up to put in the figure!

The box packaging is small but look good in presentation

Each box is priced at  500 JP Yen and the whole set of 5!

Releasing in early March 2019 ! Look out for it Gundam's fan!!


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