LEGO 21317 Ideas Steamboat Willie

If you are a Micky Mouse fan, here is an iconic LEGO set of Micky Mouse, Steamboat Willie.

This set has a total 751 pieces which most are monochrome with black, grey and white bricks. The packaging beside Mickey word and LEGO logo, the rest are having the monochrome color as well.

This set come with Mickey and Minnie in black and white version just like the cartoon. It will also come with bricks to form the Micky logo base.

The boat is rather simpler looking but there are movable parts such as the paddle wheels on both side and the 2 funnels that would go up and down as the wheel move.

There is a crane on the boat as well and also a control deck that come with a big steering wheel

Here is how it look in a real world with colors.

This LEGO Ideas set will be releasing officially on 1st of April 2019 at USD$89.99

So look out for it next week or so at your LEGO shop!


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