Transformers MP-45 Bumblebee 2.0 Coming

There is a Generation 1 accuracy Bumblebee coming your way and it is version 2 of Bumblebee under TakaraTomy Master piece.

On the vehicle mode, it do look accurate like the cartoon in the 80s where Bumblebee is being compact!

As a robot mode, it look rounder and retaining G1 feel.

For Accessories, it comes with 1 Spike figure, 1 number plate, 2 face expressions, 1 effect parts and 1 laser gun.

As it comes with 2 facial expressions, it really capture the look of the vintage series.

Spike figure is in scale but I doubt he can fit into Bumblebee in vehicle mode.

The special effect which is a blast can attached on the gun

This is schedule to release in September 2019 at the price of 13,000 Yen.

How do you feel about this version? Personally for me that get the version 1 kinda feel upset.


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