McFarlane Toys taking on Harry Potter & DC Comic

Exciting news for Harry Potter and DC comic fans. McFarlane Toys has confirmed it teamed up with Warner Bros.

As a result of that, there will be lines of figures of the following.

Harry Potter & Wizarding World Figure Line

Harry potter series and also include Fantastic Beasts will be produced by McFarlane.

The first wave of figures would include Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Lord Voldemort from The Deathy Hallows timeline. Buckbeak from The Prisoner of Azkaban will also be included.

For the Fantastic Beasts series, it would be the Beasts that McFarlane is great in doing beast figures.

DC Comics Characters

It is certainly exciting to have McFarlane to product 6" to 12" ultra-posable action figures of selected DC comics Characters.

There will also be vehicles and accessories of the characters too.

The license agreement is 3 years and as of now no news on which characters are in the pipeline and should be out in 2020.

Certainly looking forward to the DC superhero toys in term of details and quality by McFarlane yes?


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