McDonald Happy Meal The LEGO Movie 2 Toys is here!

This is a LEGO news alert! McDonald Happy Meal in Singapore is having The LEGO movie 2 Happy meal!!

Do note that this is in Singapore version.

First set was Wonder Woman and Batman from 7th to 13th of Feb 2019
Batman is a puzzle game of a ball in a maze.
Wonder Woman is a throwing ring game

From 14 to 20th Feb 2019 is Superman and Duplo Alien 1
Superman is pin ball type of game
Duplo Alien 1 is a tic tac toe game

Unikitty and Benny the spaceman will be on 21 to 27th Feb 2019
Unikitty has game card for you to play matching cards
Benny is a matching body game which you can trace by pencil

The last set is none other than Emmet and Wyldstyle for 28th Feb to 6th March 2019.
Emmet is a puzzle game to match the picture by moving the puzzle block
WYLDSTYLE can shoot disc out like a mini frisbee

If that interest you, go get one!


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